Geneva International Insurance

You can trust that our team has the experience and knowledge to deliver credible, tested and workable solutions to problems that are not always black and white.

Unique Solution

Financial planning solutions are not necessarily black and white or one size fits all.

We understand the accumulation of wealth is unique to every individual therefore all financial management structures should not be the same either.

We take the time to understand the current and future financial goals of our clients in order to create an insurance structure that is unique to them.

Our Group

Insurance companies run by insurance people.

Geneva Insurance Group is comprised of a group of licensed life insurance companies offering Private Placement Life Insurance solutions to a global client base of high net-worth families and individuals. We offer a wide range of Private Placement Life Insurance products as well as Variable Annuity products which can all be tailored to service each client’s unique financial needs.

One Company – Two Possibilities

Global families and global investors require options to accommodate their multi-national wealth portfolio.

We offer a broad range of solutions to problems that a single insurance carrier cannot solve. Geneva Insurance Group offers two insurance companies which can be used independently or in tandem.

One company has made an election under the US Internal Revenue Code §953d that simplifies holding US assets and investments. The second company supports international investments and assets. Each company provides a broad range of Private Placement products and adheres to strict insurance regulations while providing our clients the flexible investment structure they require.

Our Expertise

Dedicated life insurance specialists.

We are seasoned insurance professionals with a long history of developing compliant and innovative Private Placement Life and Variable Annuity products. Don’t just take our word for it. Our products are verified by first tier legal opinions from major global law firms. Our industry knowledge is backed by top legal and tax specialists.

With decades of insurance experience, we combine financial goals and unique asset portfolios with jurisdiction regulations to develop a beneficial insurance structure. Our clients value our expertise in bringing insurance-based solutions that are credible, tested and understandable.

Our Network

We are globally supported to address the needs of national and international clients.

Our network includes multiple advisors (brokers, law firms, accounting firms, family offices, asset managers, and custodians) from across the globe. We further support partners in Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Bermuda, Cayman and Barbados.