Too good to be true?

Private Placement Life Insurance is a key component in a well thought out wealth management plan.

Our structures are carefully designed to ensure compliance at every necessary level while providing income and estate tax advantages.

Years of experience and knowledge allow us to offer insurance structures that adhere to multi-jurisdictional legal, tax and regulatory frameworks.

Investment Flexibility

Our goal is to provide the best structure for the management of our client’s investment portfolio.

A Private Placement policy offers access to Insurance Dedicated Funds (IDF) and Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) that can hold a variety of assets which may not always be solely marketable securities. We provide these options and more to ensure various assets included in our client’s unique portfolio of wealth can be incorporated into the insurance structure. Our knowledge and support from a team of insurance, legal, accounting and investment professionals allows us to provide industry leading solutions that are both fully compliant and creative, all within the frameworks designated under specific Law.

Asset Protection

A Private Placement Insurance Policy can offer privacy and, in some cases, significant protection from creditors. Assets held in a Private Placement Policy are held in a Separate Managed Account and are protected from the assets of all other policyholders and the general account of the Insurance Company.

Estate Planning

A properly structured life insurance policy can be used to mitigate potential estate tax charges.

  • Life Insurance can offer payment to beneficiaries of assets tax free at the death of the insured.
  • The death benefit of a Private Placement Life Insurance policy can also be free of any estate tax.
  • The liquidity provided from the policy’s death benefit may be used to eliminate or mitigate the need to liquidate other family assets in order to pay estate tax for those assets acquired outside of the policy structure.

Tax Efficiency

Private Placement Life Insurance is a traditional life insurance product with the same tax benefits.

  • Tax-free growth of investment earnings (dividends, interest, and capital gain) on policy assets.
  • The ability, with proper structuring, to withdraw and borrow assets from the policy cash value free of income tax.
  • Income tax-free receipt of death benefit proceeds to the policy beneficiaries at the death of the insured.